Leadership and coaching for Entrepreneurs

Can you imagine what your business and team world look like if you had everyone aligned with the company vision and empowered to win?

You see, the recent study by Gallap poll recently identified that 16% of employees were actively engaged in the business while there was the same amount actively disengaged (these guys are actively working against you) and the remainder were not engaged. The study showed that companies that indicated higher levels of employee engagement also experienced higher customer loyalty metrics, lower staff turnover, better safety on the job and lower levels of both absenteeism and shrinkage. Furthermore, organisations in the top quarter of employee engagement saw an 18 % rise in productivity and a 12% rise in profitability compared with those in the bottom quarter.

Who can have the most influence in employee engagement? Your Junior Leaders are directly connected to the people undertaking the work and can have a significant impact on engagement and morale. You are likely to find these people without adequate training, coaching or support to meet the responsibilities of the new role.

Let me tell you, I will deliver one-on-one coaching or group coaching sessions that will allow your leaders to learn the skills required to succeeded in the new role.

I have learnt that every team is different and; therefore, I feel that it is important that my coaching is fully customizable to meet the requirements of my client. I will achieve this targeted delivery by meeting with key personnel in the team selected for coaching so that I can get a feel for the specific issues. You know the feeling and you will, of having a group coaching targeted to your specific needs.

I would love to know what you think. Message me now, so that we can start to find your way ahead.