Self Esteem Vs Self Compassion

I recently watched on self compassion vs self esteem. I realise now why people tear others down. To have self esteem means that you have to feel above average and some people might achieve that by maliciously attacking others. Everyone can’t be above average all the time, that is  a statical impossibility and as a Dad of two young girls I’m concerned for their self esteem of my girls  if they would compare themselves against air brushed models.


Thank fully, their is an alternative that doesn’t require us to compare ourself with others. Self Comparison provides use all the benefits of self-esteem without the negatives. Kristin highlights that the best aspect of Self Compassion is that it is there for you when self esteem deserts, right when you fail.

So lets make an intention to practice self compassion this week. I’d be curious to know what you learned from the video?

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